Examinations are offered to all pupils, however this is not compulsory but highly recommended for students to gain progress, confidence and a feeling of self satisfaction.

Examinations are introduced to students from the age of 3 yrs. This starts with Rosette Awards where children are taken into the examination in groups assisted by a teacher. Rosettes give the children the experience of examinations in an exciting and happy format. From then on students who attend 2 classes per week are entered for IDTA examinations in Ballet, Modern Jazz, and Tap.  RAD Ballet examinations are also available for students who wish to take an extra ballet class.

Major and teaching qualifications are also available for students with a high level of commitment and dedication.

IDTA Theatre Awards

From grade 4 students who gain over 90% may be nominated to take part in the
IDTA Theatre Awards.
For many years we have had students nominated in all 3 disciplines taught within the school

IDTA Theatre Awards 2015

Winner of Tap Grades - Eloise Gledhill

Special commendation for Tap and Modern - Phoebe Roberts

Special commendation for Modern - Leah Darby

James Buckley

Winner of Cabaret Bursary at Gainsborough Dance Festival

Winner of the Senior South East Yorkshire Song and Dance Championship