4 september 2020 - we've updated our plans

Dancing together again

Our phased return to our studio continues, find out our plans to keep everyone safe, and dancing!

We’re continuing our phased reopening

We introduced a phased return to the dance studio in August, some lessons may continue to be held online for now – it’s important to remember safety is our first priority and that the dance school will be operating differently for now

Update 04 September 2020

The dance school, classed as an ‘out-of-school setting’ (OSSS) reopened on 11 August. We have reviewed our guidance and policy and have made some amendments, these are coloured blue and noted in the change log at the bottom of the page.

Please take a moment to review the changes

Student safety is, as always, our priority and we are confident our plans and detailed cleaning will continue to help keep everyone safe. Timetable and bubble information will be provided on a class by class basis.

Guidance on out of school settings | Local restrictions for Kirklees

Restrictions may apply for students returning from holiday, please contact Miss Taylor for details.

Table of Contents

Safety is our priority

Keeping everyone safe

  • We will continue to follow industry and government guidance to keep up to date on responsibilities and good practice 
  • With careful planning, it is possible to minimise the risk of COVID-19 being passed on during dance lessons, just as we manage other risks

Student 'bubbles'

  • Students will only attend the school in their class ‘bubbles’ or for private lessons, for some lessons not all the ‘bubble’ may be present, but students will not mix bubbles. Details on the timetable will be emailed to all parents and will be published on here shortly

Hygiene and Cleaning

Regular handwash

Students will be reminded about regular hand washing with soap and water and use of hand-gel

Capture coughs/sneezes

Students will be reminded to cough/sneeze into elbow or tissue, dispose of used tissues in bins

Increased cleaning

We have increased cleaning – door handles, toilets, chairs, handrails, floors and equipment

Managing Social Distancing

2m rule

Our plan follows the 2m rule where possible

Manage flow

We are managing flow at pinch points

Limit numbers

Limit on students and teachers in school

No visitors

No visitors (inc parents)* until social distance relaxed

*excluding private lessons

What to bring to the dance lesson

Drinking water

A FULL bottle of water

Dance shoes

No bare feet in the studio at any time

A hand towel

A hand towel stored in a plastic bag

A towel to lie on

A towel to lie on for limbering

When not to attend the dance school

If the student is showing COVID symptons

If a houshold member is showing COVID symptons

If the student should be self-isolating

Attending the dance school

Arrival time

Try to arrive 10 minutes before the class start time

Wait to be called

Wait outside, we will admit students as quickly as possible in a controlled manner

Hand-gel on arrival

ALL students and staff will be asked to use hand-gel before climbing stairs

Inside the dance school

Waiting Room

The waiting room is set with chairs 2m distance. Students will be directed to a chair upon arrival

Personal belongings

Personal belongings will be kept in a designated box under the chair

Wash hands

Before entering the dance studio, all students will wash their hands

In the studio

Social distancing will be maintained as much as possible inside the dance studio

Top floor

The top floor will be used as directed by the teaching staff

If someone is unwell

We will immediately isolate any student (or staff) if they show symptoms and arrange for them to be collected from the school


If someone with COVID has been on the premises, we will alert all students who may have contact with suspected infectious disease

End of dance class

Exit studio and change

All students will be escorted to their changing area

Change footwear

Students will change into their outdoor footwear

Wash hands

All students wash their hands before leaving the studio

Controlled exit

Students will leave the studio in a controlled manner

Leaving the dance school

Parents wait outside

We will escort students to parents in a controlled manner

Thorough clean

There will be a thorough clean after every lesson

Results recorded

The results of every thorough clean will be recorded

up-to-date information

How we will keep you informed

The current plan (and links to guidance) will be available on this webpage.

We will post alerts/updates on the parent (private) Facebook page.

We continue to monitor information from RAD, IDTA and government guidance on COVID-19

This plan was reviewed on 3 September 2020

Reference links

Guidance for parents / carers attending out of school clubs

Information from the government for parents/carers attending out of school clubs

gov.uk information on COVID-19

Information from UK government on COVID-19

Industry links

Links to the Royal Academy of Dance and the International Dance Teachers’ Association COVID-19 webpages

Change log

All updates and amendments to this page will be recorded here

16 July 2020

03 Sept 2020

Page published

Changes/amendments to details on

  • student ‘bubbles’ added
  • bring a tower to lie on (for lumbering)
  • arrival time now 10 minutes
  • student use of top floor updated, 
  • personal belongings – use of boxes to store personal items
  • end of class- exit studio and change, wash hands before leaving studio
  • leaving the dance school – use of hand gel deleted
  • pdf download removed